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Analytical Services Laboratories (ANSERV Labs)

Analytical Services Laboratories (ANSERV Labs)

Analytical Research Analysis Submission Forms

You can choose from the analyses shown below. We only accept State of Florida samples. Questions? Contact us at

  • Forms
  • Checklists for Sample Submission
  • Quality Control QA/QC Parameters

Analytical Research Laboratory (ARL)

The ARL offers high-quality analytical services to all UF researchers state-wide. Researchers are requested to contact the lab a few months in advance for information on the available selection of tests and to discuss their analytical needs. In specific instances, the lab can offer some specialized tests.

How To Get Started

Two copies of your information sheet will be returned to you with your assigned appointment date listed. Keep one copy and return the other with your samples. Please ensure that samples arrive by the appointment date. Samples arriving after their appointment date will be returned to the researcher and will need to be rescheduled before they will be analyzed.

Plan Ahead

It is in your best interest to complete and submit your Sample Analysis Request Forms during the planning stages of your research or teaching project. This ensures prompt analysis and coordination of your appointment date(s). Contacting us after your samples have been collected, extracted, or digested may result in sample analysis delays. If you need to complete a sample set by an imposed deadline, please provide this information in the Requested Processing Date line above.
Typical Turnaround times at the ARL are given below when samples are received by the lab as solutions and in separate vials for each analysis.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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  • ARL Typical Turnaround Times

    Typical Turnaround Times

    The typical turnaround time is 21 working days from date samples are received. Please provide the ARL with your best estimate of the number of samples you would like to submit. It is best to over-estimate rather than under-estimate this number. Once a sample set is scheduled, it is easy to decrease the number of samples scheduled. Increasing the number requires cancelling the original appointment date and rescheduling the samples, leading to delays in analysis. Please DO NOT deliver more samples to the ARL than are indicated on your Sample Analysis Request Form.

  • Pricing Information


    The ARL uses direct invoicing to UF accounting chartfields for payment of services. Expect to budget $2.00 per requested analyte/element, $1.00/extraction/sample and $2.00/digestion/sample. Samples with unusual matrices or other problems may be subject to additional charges. Be sure to provide your sample matrix when filling out the sample submission form. Please contact the ARL with any questions concerning unusual matrices or special analyses.

    Pricing for ARL Services

    Soil Extractions:  $1.00/Sample/Extraction Procedure
    Extractant choices: Mehlich 1, Mehlich 3, Water, 1M KCl.
    Digestions:  $2.00/Sample/Digestion Procedure
    Soil TKN, Tissue TKN, Water TKN, Water Total PO4

    Regular Analyses:  $2.00/Analyte/Sample

    ICP metals: P, K, Ca, Mg, Zn, Mn, Fe, Cu, Al, B, Mo, Na, Si, Ba, Cd, Cr, Ni, Pb

    Auto-analyzer: NH4, NO2+NO3, TKN, TP, Ortho-P.

    Other: Water pH, soil pH, Adams-Evans buffer pH, EC, CI

    Total Nitrogen:  $10.00/Sample
    Total Carbon:  $10.00/Sample
    Organic Matter:  $10.00/Sample
    Walkley-Black Loss on Ignition
    Dilutions, filtrations, sample prep: $1.00/Analysis
    Soil Sample Bags: $0.25/bag or $225/Case of 900

Choose from the following analyses on solutions

*Nitrate-Nitrite Nitrogen – NOx-N – EPA Method 353.2
*Ammonium-Nitrogen – NH4-N – EPA Method 350.1 (modified)
*Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen – TKN – EPA Method 351.2
*Phosphorus (ppm) – ICP – EPA Method 200.7
*Total Phosphorus (ppb) – EPA Method 365.1
*Ortho-Phosphate (ppb) – EPA Method 365.1
*Total Metals (except Arsenic) – ICP – EPA Method 200.7
Chlorides – EPA Method 325.2
*pH – EPA Method 150.1
*EC – EPA Method 120.1

All of the above analyses may also be performed on soil extracts in addition to Walkley-Black and LOI organic matter methods.