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Analytical Services Laboratories (ANSERV Labs)

Analytical Services Laboratories (ANSERV Labs)

About the UF/IFAS Soil Testing Lab

From Dr. Thomas Obreza, Lab Supervisor

Welcome to the University of Florida, IFAS Analytical Services Laboratories (ANSERV Labs)! These labs have been in operation, under slightly different names, for about 60 years.

The ANSERV Labs are organized to accomplish specific research and cooperative extension service missions through two sections in each area: The Analytical Research Lab (ARL) and NELAC-Certified Environmental Water Quality (EWQL) Lab serve researchers and students, while the Extension Soil Testing Lab (ESTL) and Livestock Waste Testing Lab (LWTL) serve all citizens and agencies in Florida.

Our labs are here to efficiently and accurately fulfill all your analytical and nutrient management needs. We encourage all users to provide us the feedback, as appropriate, to help us improve our services.

Main Office

UF/IFAS Analytical Services Laboratories
2390 Mowry Road
Wallace Building #631
P.O. Box 110740
Gainesville, FL 32611-0740

Phone: 352-392-1950
Fax: 352-392-1960

Our Services

Extension Services

The ESTL services can also be accessed through local county extension offices, where guidance on sample collection, appropriate test selections and implementation of recommendations is available. Sample bags and mailing boxes are available at the county offices, free of charge. Samples received at the ESTL are run daily, thus ensuring the results within 1-3 days from the date of sample submission. The LWTL has a typical turn-around time of 7-10 days from the time of sample submission. Results are emailed to both the client and the county extension office. Go here to locate your local county UF/IFAS Extension Office. You can contact your local Extension Office here.

Research Services

Researchers can submit analysis requests through online forms. We prefer research sample requests to be scheduled ahead of time at the ARL. The EWQL will run samples on a walk-in basis, as long as the sampling and submissions are done strictly per the NELAC protocols and the custody forms are in order. Researchers are responsible for adhering to field protocols and holding times. All services of the ANSERV Labs can be accessed through our website. All necessary sample submission forms, checklists, available tests, protocols and procedures, required fees, etc. are available on the website.

The ANSERV Labs handle special analytical requests when possible and add services as appropriate in support of client needs. The ANSERV Labs strive to provide high-quality analyses and results in a timely manner to all clients. Access to all UF/IFAS faculty and educational resources are available through the ANSERV Labs for assistance with analyses, QA/QC, interpretations, and nutrient recommendations.