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Livestock Waste Testing Laboratory (LWTL)

Mission Statement

" test livestock and other wastes, interpret and make science- based recommendations for properly managing the resource while maintaining soil quality for sustainable Florida agriculture and environment"

About LWTL

Manure Analysis

The LWTL offers analytical tests, interpretations and nutrient recommendations for animal manure and other waste by‚Äźproducts. The laboratory services and the educational programs are available to all citizens of Florida and are provided as a fee-based service. Beginning January 2008, the LWTL operations started at Wallace Building, on UF campus in Gainesville, as a part of IFAS ANALYTICAL SERVICES LABORATORIES (ANSERV) Labs. These services are offered as a part of Nutrient Management program led by Dr. Rao Mylavarapu, in Soil & Water Science Department.

What is in a manure test?

Laboratory analysis will include a test for nitrogen (N), ammonium (NH4‐N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) as well as percent moisture, percent solids, percent ash, and pH. Based on test results, nutrient recommendations for N, P, and K are provided for selected crops and up to three different crops per sample can be selected from a given list.

How to get Started!

Samples can be delivered to the LWTL via packaged mail or dropped off in person on any working day. All samples should be appropriately labeled along with completely filled out forms and any applicable fee. Appropriate forms can be downloaded and printed from the link above. All the requested information on the forms must be provided including the crop codes, county of sample origin, current method of application and previous application history, if any. For poultry litter samples, at least one half‐quart ziploc bag volume of sample should be provided. For all liquid, effluent and slurry samples, only leak‐proof bags or bottles should be used to avoid spills. Samples must be appropriately labeled with grower’s name and sample ID. Samples should be delivered to the address provided on the form.